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Project management
The key to success is comprehensive communications planning, creative thinking and meticulous execution. That is why we will have a cup of coffee, sit round the table and design a detailed plan to ensure all your communication needs are properly scheduled, outlined and delivered.

Press releases
We spot the good news stories, draft the press releases and send them to the right media and specialist publications to get your message across. We follow-up the coverage and keep you posted with a detailed round-up of exactly which newspapers, radio, television stations and magazines have picked-up your story and given you a higher profile.

Corporate literature
N ewsletters, leaflets, brochures, annual reports, website content, company brochures, award applications….you name it, we will look after it. Leave it to us. We can write it all in the right style to meet your needs and reach the right people in the right way.

Event organisation
Opening a new office, launching a new product, hosting a conference, staging an exhibition……we will sort it out and ensure the right people know what you are doing. Leave it to us to finalise the details and get the publicity you want.

Crisis management
Keep calm and carry on. We know there are times when the wheels come off and you may need help. When you hit a crisis there is no need to hit the panic button. We know what to say and how to say it…and perhaps even more important…what not to say.

Northfield Communications…..
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We were delighted by the extensive media coverage we received from our first press release and the positive effect on the business. We moved on to start planning our next project straight away.
Andrew Keyes, Andrew Keyes Opticians

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